The Oak Trees Sequence

In 2007 I took what would turn out to be the first of a series of photographs of a line of mostly oak trees which I passed while walking my dog. I continued to photograph the same view for five years.

By the second picture, one of the big branches had fallen from one of the oaks during some high winds. It continued to thrive in its semi-detached state until 2012. Some time around July 2010 the same tree lost another branch; this one however didn't live on.

All sorts of weathers can be seen, rain falls, snow falls, fog looms and the sun shines. The seasons revolve, sometimes coming early, sometimes later. There are two dragonflies and a distant horse in one picture.

It was quite hard to stop taking these pictures, but when in early 2012 the owners decided to "tidy it up" I thought it might be a good breaking point. The last two pictures show the continuing recovery of the untamed aspect. which so attracted me to the field.

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